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Unknown said...

I have had the opportunity to try 4 different strains from 7OHM, and the first I am going to write about is the Red Bali from 7OHM. First off: My name is Damen Blackgrave, and I have been a regular consumer of Kratom for over 2 years now. I've tried countless vendors, and keep quite the "Kr-apothecary" I was a Morphine derivative abuser for over 10 years off and on. I didn't get clean using Kratom, but as a result of genetics, and a hard life I was left with nearly untreatable depression, impulse control problems, and a major pain of an anxiety issue as well. So after trying prison a few times, countless medications, long term programs, and a few religions... I thought I was just resigned to live out my days grumpy at best. Then after a stress induced stroke at the age of 32, I tried kratom. This sent me on a hard journey of attempting to understand, and respect this traditional Indonesian medicine. I really didn't want to end up abusing it, like I have proven I am inclined to do. I have had several adulterated products, old products, nano, micro, crushed leaf, fresh leaf, and Blah blah blah...

... Now that you have some basic credentials...

My favotites are usually "greens", indoor dried reds, and carefully fermented yellows. Usually outdoor dried reds, are hurried and don't get the full 6 weeks to convert the Mitra into 7OHM, or mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. This Red Bali from 7OHM definitely ticks a few important boxes!

1) It is CLEAN: no grit, dirt, or tarp taste from old processing plastics.
2) It has a mild flavor that nearly anyone should be able to bear.
3) It has some very relaxing, and restful properties.
4) Not too sedating to take in the day time.
5) The Packaging was super professional, and eco friendly!
6) Definitely quality sun dried red, reminiscent of some of the older Red Bali's that gave this strain it's OG reputation.

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