Sunday, March 21, 2021

Shipment Update

It arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I got burglarized again. I even know who it is but, somehow can't stop him. This is crazy man. Seattle is straight anarchy. I'm looking for a retail space now. So, hopefully we can run it full bore. Please bear with me while I try to figure out what happened and re-secure my home. EDIT: It's out of control, they came in again and bypassed my alarm, deleted the entire history, as well as all of the video footage that was rcorded with motion detection. This makes me think that they're coming in the house, and just making themselves at home. Someone cooked up burgers last night, took a bunch of coffee, frozen dinners, cup o noodle, more toilet paper and toothpaste. the place is trashed. it's crazy. Nobody believes me for some reason. they think i have multiple personaity disorer and im doing it all. I have pics of and video of it all. that i will link incase anyone has any ideas. PS, i found one of the boxes by my back fence, obviously somehitng scared them away. I really need help. They have control of my router and my devices. you'll see in the linked vids and pics. I really am freaked out, and so are all of my neighbors. I hate to think that my selling Kratom has brought addicts to my neighborhood. Sealltel is a high tech place with high tech addicts. if you're down and out it makes sense how it's happening.

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Logan Leigh Disaster said...

All they have to do is watch 'Seattle is Dying' on YouTube to understand how bad things are there. But I think you might have to leave your beloved city behind, Steve. The cops have no authority and it is called free-attle for a reason. It is now a place where you can break, enter, shoot up, be destructive as you want, and there are zero consequences. It enables the behavior without condemning it and practically encourages it. Another person from Seattle runs a 'Seattle is Trash' photo vlog. But coming from the position of a Brooklyn girl, where things are expensive--there is still quality of life. Seattle is so obscenely expensive and for it, you get emboldened junkies and a complete and total lack of personal safety and security. Get out! But not to San Francisco, which is having many of the same issues.

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