Monday, March 15, 2021

New Shipment Arrival Notice: UPDATE

EDIT: Has arrived in SFO and cleared customs. Will be enroute shortly and eta is Friday 3/17

Plane has left Singapore and is in route to SF0 as we speak. It will probably be another day to get through customs, then should be here by the 18th or 19th. 

This was ordered 2 months ago, and is finally here. This is the Supergreen MD supplier, which is a strain that I've carried since 2017. 

UPDATE: Approval for high risk merchant account is currently pending. The main reason we have been married to this site is because every processor uses a different gateway, which requires us to frequently change the website. After about a dozen sites, you start to lose motivation. 

We will have a new permanent site with official payment processor. 

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