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We have sourced Kratom from all over Indonesia, not just Borneo. This list is 5 years in the making.

HULU KAPUAS - BORNEO (Nano-Milled, Super Fine Powder, Allegedly from the Wild)
MEDAN - SUMATRA ISLAND (Fastest Strains),
PONTIANAK - WEST BORNEO (Kratom capital of the world: diverse alkaloid profiles, complex blends)
KETAPANG - SOUTH BORNEO (Harvested from the wild, blends are Mitragynine dominant, all pure indoor dried),
THAILAND / MALAYSIA - BORDER (Mostly pure, basic blends)


Plantation Maeng Da (Pontianak)
(Elephant) Super Green Maeng Da (Hulu)
Supergreen (Pontianak) (Out of Stock)
Green Bar Bar (Hulu)
Green Banana (Hulu)
Green Elephant (Pontianak)
Green Bali (Pontianak)
White Gucci (Hulu)
White Golden (Hulu)
White Elephant (Pontianak)
White Maeng Da (Hulu)
Red Malay (Hulu)
Red Bali (Hulu)

2017 LEAF:

BOLD = Best Sellers
* = Our Favorites
GREEN (Mostly Blends except Super, which is pure sun dried leaf)
     Green Elephant Green Malay EGM - BALANCED (Hulu Kapuas)*
Green Malay Egm#2 - BALANCED, (slow)
     Green Elephant (Thailand)
     Green Elephant (Ketapang) Out      Green Elephant (Pontianak)      Green Horn (Balanced)(Medan)*(OUT OF STOCK)
Green Kalsel (Pontianak)(Mood)*
 Green Papua (SLOW(Hulu Kapuas) Out
Green Pucuck (FAST)(out of stock)(Thailand)
Green K Pucuck (out of stock)
Green K Pucuck 2 (out of stock)(Ketapang)
Green Plantation Maeng Da PMD(Pontianak)
   Green Samarinda (Pontianak) Out
     Green Sumatra (Medan) Out
     Green Vein Ketapang (Ketapang)
Green Vein Borneo (Ketapang)
  Green Supergreen (Ketapang)(out of stock)
Green Supergreen (Pontianak)*out
Green Super Indo (Pontianak)(Balanced-Slow) out
Green Super Borneo (Pontianak)(Balanced) out
Green Elephant Borneo (Hulu Kapuas)
Green Jong Kong (Balanced)(Hulu Kapuas)*
Green Elephant Maeng Da (EGMD, aka Supergreen Md)(Hulu Kapuas)*
Green Kapuas (Pontianak)*out
Green Kapuas (Hulu Kapuas)
Green Elephant (Pontianak)
Green Elephant (Ketapang) out RED      Red Jambu (SLOW)(Thailand) out      Red Elephant(Ketapang) out      Red Sumatra(Sumatra)      Red Elephant Maeng Da #7 -(SLOW)(Hulu Kapuas)(Pure)      Red Elephant Maeng Da #6 (slow)(Hulu Kapuas)(Pure)      Red Horn (balanced-fast)(Medan)out      Red Bentuangie (green)(Pure) AKA Brown (Fermented)      Red Bentuangie (wild)(Pure)(Ketapang)      Red Bentuangie (plantation)(Pure)(Pontianak)
Red Bali (Pontianak)(Classic Blend)*
Red Thai (Medan)
Red Thai (Thailand) out
Red Md (Thailand)
Red V (Ketapang)
Red Horn (Medan) out
Red Horn (Ketapang)
Red Borneo (Medan) out
Red Borneo (Ketapang)
Red Super (Pontianak)(Slow)
Red Malay (Pontianak) WHITE (60%Indoor30%Outdoor10%Stem&Vein)      White Pucuck (aka White Kri) (FAST)(out)(Thailand)      White Horn (BALANCED-FAST)(Thailand) out      White Horn (Ketapang) out
     White Horn (Medan) out
     White Thai (Thailand) out
White Thai (Medan) out
White Kapuas (Pontianak)
White Maeng Da (Pontianak)out
White Maeng Da (Medan) (Fast)*      White Sumatra (Medan) out     White Jong Kong (balanced) (Hulu Kapuas) out
White Vietnam (Ketapang) out
White Vietnam (Medan) out
White Elephant (Medan)* Out White Samarinda (Pontianak) Out GOLDEN      Golden Maeng Da (Hulu Kapuas) out      Golden Jong Kong (balanced)(Hulu Kapuas) out
Golden Bali (Medan) out YELLOW      Yellow Ketapang(Ketapang) Out      Yellow Kapuas (Pontianak) Out      Yellow Vietnam (Medan)* Out
     Yellow Gold (Medan) Out      Yellow (Medan)(Sold out) Out
Yellow Vietnam (Medan) Out
Yellow Borneo (Pontianak) Out
Yellow Thai (Medan) Out
Yellow Malay (Hulu Kapuas) Out
BROWN (Fermented)
Brown Borneo (Pontianak)
Brown (Hulu Kapuas)

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