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I don't know what the cause is, and I have no idea how to solve it. It doesn't make any sense to me. It's technically a domain forwarding process. There's no plausible reason why the links would be missing when it's going to the same site. It's the weirdest thing. 

A note about the grind of leaf coming from Indonesia.

The types of equipment being used are
1) grain grinder (high velocity)
2) flour mill (Super small particle size)

Regular is once through the grain grinder.
Micro is twice.
Nano is through an expensive, dedicated flour mill that they actually call a nanogrinder.

Does it matter? Weighing it is probably going to tell. If you toss and wash, the nano is almost twice the volume. Something that might make a difference if you cap it up also. You'll need considerably more pills to get the same weight of material. Basically, if you don't weigh it, then you're going to have some issues with dosing. Conversely, the older, denser material weighs much more and is like half the volume.

One study was able to extract more alkaloids from material that had a finer grind and was freeze dried. There are some suppliers out there touting that nano is more potent. There was one vendor who did a test to see if there was a diff. She swears by it now. There is some merit to the theory that it would absorb better if it were smaller. There is also evidence that Mitragynine

I ordered some supergreen maeng da from one drying batch. It will come in both regular and nano. I personally don't think that it will make a difference. there is some evidence about particle size in botanical extractions. We will see.

HULU KAPUAS - BORNEO (Nano-Milled, Super Fine Powder)
MEDAN - SUMATRA ISLAND (Higer MG Blends, Micro, Minimal Stem and Vein),
PONTIANAK - WEST BORNEO (Coarse Grind, More Stem and Vein, Complex blends)
KETAPANG - SOUTH BORNEO (Blends are Mitragynine dominant, Micro, Minimal Stem and Vein)
THAILAND / MALAYSIA - BORDER (Mostly pure, basic blends, coarse, lots of stem and vein)

All 2017 Stock except (August 2020):
Plantation Maeng Da (Pontianak)
(Elephant) Super Green Maeng Da (Hulu)(out)
Supergreen (Pontianak) (Out of Stock)
Green Bar Bar (Hulu)(out)
Green Banana (Hulu)(out)
Green Elephant (Pontianak)(Out)
Green Bali (Pontianak)(Out)
White Gucci (Hulu)
White Golden (Hulu)
White Maeng Da (Hulu)(out)
Red Bali (Hulu)(Out)

GREEN (Mostly Blends except Super, which is pure sun dried leaf)
Green Elephant Green Malay EGM - (Hulu Kapuas)*
Green Malay Egm#2
Green Elephant (Thailand)
Green Sumatra (Medan)(100g Packages only)
Green V Ketapang (Ketapang)(100g Packages only)
Green V Borneo (Ketapang)(100g Packages only)
Green Kapuas (Hulu Kapuas)(100g Packages Only)
Red Elephant(Ketapang)      
Red Elephant Maeng Da #7 -(Hulu Kapuas)(Pure)      
Red Elephant Maeng Da #6 (Hulu Kapuas)(Pure)      
Red Bentuangie (green)(Pure) AKA Brown (Fermented)      
Red Bentuangie Ketapang)      
Red Bentuangie (Pontianak)
Red Malay (Pontianak)
Red Bali (Pontianak)
Red Thai (Thailand)
Red V (Ketapang)
Red V II (Ketapang)
Red Horn (Ketapang)
Red Borneo (Ketapang)
Red Jambu 2 (Thailand)
White Kapuas (Pontianak)
White Sumatra (Medan)
White Vietnam (Ketapang)
BROWN (Fermented)
Brown Borneo (Pontianak)
Brown (Hulu Kapuas)

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