Sunday, May 17, 2020


ORDER 7OHM KRATOM HERE this is where the strain list is, and the order form.

Also on the top menu, it says "buy kratom". People seem to be struggling to find where to order.

Major update coming soon. Inventory in progress now and will be posted by Tuesday evening. Most of the Medan stuff is almost sold out, while most of the Ketapang stuff is in stock.

Now for sale" New "Make your own strain" kits from Thailand. Composed of 1) Pure, presumably high Mitragynine, dark-dried green Kratom, and 2 ) pure, presumably high in 7ohm, sun dried red / fermented brown bentuangie, 3) Partially Sun Dried Green, 4) Stem and Vein (Bones). Indonesians currently blend these 4 types of Kratom to create every "strain" in the book.

$90 for 250 grams of each. Includes more than a dozen recipes. Simply write DIY in the strain field during checkout.

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