Saturday, May 9, 2020

Kratom User Beats Covid19

Anecdote from Reddit Users who used Kratom While fighting Covid19:

"Hello everyone , just a quick update from my last post, it has now been about 4 weeks of isolation, typically it's only for 2 weeks, but my wife and children were officially put in quarantine on my final day, and because I was going to be in the same house as them, I had to stay in another 14 days as well.
I am doing much better, MUCH, better. I don't hurt anymore, no fever, the only thing remaining is some shortness of breath, for some reason I find myself running out of breath during conversations and that's not something I've ever experienced. But they say that it could just take time to recover.
I did take Kratom everyday, around 10-15g. Multiple diff strains, I did not notice any negative effects. I'm not one to go around saying Kratom is the cure-all, but the Kratom was the only thing that temporarily stopped my symptoms, but for some reason 1 gram would hit me like 5 grams. I would like to say Kratom made my experience with Covid-19 much easier.
I also have lung damage from previous medical conditions and I have some underlying conditions that made my doctors very nervous about me being diagnosed with Covid-19, I was expected to have a much tougher battle, but I beat it faster than my Doctors predicted, maybe it was the Kratom, maybe I got lucky. but this isn't medical advice, some people say Kratom can be a respiratory suppressant, I do not have that experience, but just incase, if your showing shortness of breath, I would be careful.
This community has been amazing and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to message me, Sorry I could not reply to every comment, these past couple weeks have bit a little overwhelming. I plan on donating antibodies & doing whatever I can possibly to do help others that have a severe case of Covid-19.
Thank you all again :)"

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