Sunday, March 29, 2020

Coronavirus Operations Update

We are currently up and running without hitch as a one man operation. I have been taking every precaution including self isolating. All orders are shipping next day at 12 noon (pick up time) and I am doing my best to get everything out same day. Expedited processing will be accommodated where possible. This post will be updated as shipping times change. 

USPS Also note that the USPS has been behind on all services up to 5 days and losing packages at a record rate. Be prepared for possible complications. We guarantee all deliveries regardless of USPS. Let us know if we need to re-ship your package. 

We've been getting numerous emails asking for "hardship" discounts. In response, we've lowered our prices to help offset costs during financially trying times. Kilos are just $80 (4 Strains) including shipping. 250 grams are only $25. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. We are also giving Kratom away to those posting hardship stories here. Anyone who purchased at full price within the week is eligible for a rebate. Please email

INVENTORY All inventory is from 2017 except EGMD, BAR BAR, Gucci. Inventory from Thailand is also from 2017. This farmer lives on the Malaysia/Thailand border. It was previously marketed as "from Malaysia". The former monster of a list might have been too confusing for you to make that distinction. 

COVID-19 Current total deaths estimated is now over 200,000. Our only hope, it seems, is for one of these drug trials to show significant results in a controlled study. The fda actually just approved use of hydroxychloroquine and Chloriquine even in the absence of such studies. Anecdotally, we've seen a reduction in symptoms leading to recovery. 

As always, regular customers will be extended credit, until the economic situation begins to return. ie once you get back on your feet. All requests will be considered on a case by case basis. 

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