Sunday, November 19, 2017

Is this the End? Could it finally be here? Has the FDA essentially shut down the Kratom Supply in the USA?

We'll have to see, but the word has been that they are seizing anything marked or resembling kratom now that it is considered a drug, and no longer has the loophole of "not for human consumption". This could be the end, my friends.

The time to panic is nye. Now we have to see what the repercussions of smuggling Kratom will be, now that it is banned conclusively. How many times will it take to get contraband seized before they come knocking on your door?

I imagine you can say that you had no idea of any shipment maybe once or twice, but after that, can you legitimately claim that? It's not a crime to use or possess it, but what will the penalties be for attempting to import it? How many times will they let you try it before prosecution? What will the penalty be for importing something that is not illegal to possess.

Quite the conundrum we have here. Even if they just take it and don't do anything else, won't that be enough to make the alternatives much cheaper in comparison? Heroin is going to be much cheaper than Kratom soon. In fact, they may start coming through the same Mexican tunnels if they haven't already. Then what kind of problems will we have solved? What will come of the quality and price?

Tennessee has seen it's deaths from Heroin double, including the son of the Mayor of Nashville.

Will politics win out again at the cost of human existence?

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