Monday, June 12, 2017

Yellow Vietnam Update: New batches en route. Update: Received

UPDATE: 6/14/2017

This Jong Kong Supplier, who used to be known for his horned leaf selection, is now back in business after a brief hiatus. His most popular strains were White Maeng Da, and Yellow Vietnam.

The last 100kgs I received from him were all mislabeled, and inaccurate. It appeared as though he just gave me whatever he happened to have in stock and labeled according to what i ordered. Needless to say, a lot of customers received "bunk" product. I did a massive recall and replaced it for whoever came forward. If you received a bad batch, please contact me ASAP.

This new batch is en route and should be here on Thursday. Stay tuned for the report. The horned leaf varietal is supposedly what has the higher levels of Mg, which is supposedly what is responsible for the energetic effect.

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