Saturday, June 24, 2017

What difference does the source make? Plantation vs Wild (Elephant)

A little known phenomenon in Indonesia is the act of mixing leaf to create a new strain. It is not done through sophisticated breeding methods, but simply by blending. Recently, farmers have started offering pre mixed blends to "traders" in Indonesia who used to have to make the various strains themselves. From the plantation will come premixed strains like "Bali", or it will be mixed by a trader who purchased the pure constituent leaf from a farmer. Up until recently, farmers have only offered a handful of strains.

Plantation Leaf:
High in Mg from minimal oxidation and indoor drying, well manicured with little stem and vein, usually very finely milled (micronized). Blending of multiple strains for the sake of consistency is standard practice . This leaf is the most commonly found in Indonesia, and sold pre-milled. Red Bali is an example of a Plantation mixed strain. Variations from batch to batch and within a single batch exist, depending on how well the blend is mixed. Large batches of blended strains often fall victim to this.

Wild Leaf:
Has a strong concentration of alkaloids. Dried in the shade, as opposed to complete darkness. A moderate to large amount of oxidation occurs during the curing process giving balance to leaf without having to mix multiple strains. Sometimes has a coarser grind, and usually pure. Most of the 'hunters" who find rural forests to harvest usually have limited resources and don't offer more than a few strains.

Elephant Leaf:
Giant old growth leaves, most commonly found in Malaysia. The term elephant refers not just to the size of the leaf, but also to the shape. Hence, there is only one true elephant leaf, and it is characterized by the shape, size, and fewer total veins from the longer distance between veins. Probably the most potent and most diverse in it's alkaloid profile.

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