Monday, June 26, 2017

The Mighty Green Elephant from Malaysia: The third alkaloid profile.

True Malaysian Kratom has a profile that is lacking high concentrations of both 7ohm and Mg, which are the 2 opioid agonist alkaloids. They bind to mu and delta opioid receptors. Since most burners are too familiar with these 2 alkaloids, there might be some complications when burning Malaysian Kratom on it's own. I have come to realize that is partly the reason why this strain is often mixed, and also the reason why EGM#2, high 7ohm exists. A lot of producers are now enhancing their Malay with 7ohm by adding Super Green Borneo. Theoretically, since there aren't high levels of Mg to begin with, there shouldn't be much agonism on opioid receptors since there's nothing to convert to 7ohm.

Strains, names and genetics are all a big mystery in Indonesia not because the industry is good at guarding trade secrets, but because there is no standardization in regards to Kratom (or anything else for that matter, really). I wouldn't even be sure that the gas I'm buying from there is really unleaded just because it had that label. Why would I say such a thing, when clearly such intricacies exist when it comes to other therapeutic herbs like Cannabis? A review of the scientific literature would indicate that there are 3 strains, not just 2. Currently, the known strains are Rifat from Thailand, and Bumblebee from Vietnam. It is very possible that there could be more, as the plant grows with relative ease throughout Southeast Asia. However, genetics have not been mapped or documented well enough to arrive at that conclusion.

The process of Natural Selection could have, over hundreds and thousands of years, created genetic mutations that were propagated through natural breeding, or passed between regions through cloning. Seeds are illegal to sell in Indonesia, so primitive breeding techniques at best, have been incorporated. The idea that nature has done a better job than farmers is more realistic than the idea that all of these "strains" were genetically crafted through breeding.

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