Friday, June 23, 2017

New Strain Arrivals from Malaysia, Thailand, and West Kalimantan Indonesia.

Christmas is here early, and already I feel as though I should have ordered more. Malaysia is now considering passing a law that makes possession punishable by death. So, no telling how long this window will stay open. If you want to feel the difference between Malaysian and Indonesian Ketum, here's your chance.

Elephant leaf from The Renegade Farmer in Malaysia.
Real Maeng Da (the famed horned mutation) from Old Growth Plantations in Thailand which are protected by law.

The true Plantation Maeng Da is back in stock after a 3 month hiatus, and is as good as ever.

Also, available in limited quantity is the Green Elephant from Malaysia. The price is
$150/kg, $80/half, $45/quarter, $30/100.

New from Jong Kong District of West Kalimantan:

Golden Jong Kong
Yellow Jong Kong
White Jong Kong
White Maeng Da
Green Light

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