Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Indoor Elephant Leaf Phenomenon


These 3 specimens are created by 2 college students, who live in the CV farming community of the Kapuas Rain Forest, comprised of over 1,000 farms. They offer only these 3 strains. They are all dried in complete darkness. The drying process is prolonged by keeping the leaf moist to prevent oxidation. By, keeping the oxidation to a minimum, they are able to keep the levels of mg as high as possible. Theoretically. 

Studies show Mg as high as 66% of alkaloid content from specimens in Thailand, vs as low as 12% in Malaysia. Therefore, assumptions can be made as to what effect Mg has vs 7ohm. We now suspect that the strongest effects are from the alkaloid 7ohm

After a review of the literature, there appears to be 3 different alkaloid profiles that would indicate the possible existence of at least 3 different genetics. The jury is still out, but i posted a link of a good review. 

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